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Gilde Flores

Music Composer/Producer

Marble Surface

Gilde Flores ((gilflo))

An award winning multi-genre music composer/producer who is known for his work on The Wolverine, Far Cry 4, as well as work in the audio/visual/music industry; often working under the Grammy winning super producer, Timbaland and his company Beatclub's umbrella. 

Self taught, with some guidance from his father, he began playing multiple instruments at an early age, which eventually transitioned into becoming an onstage performer touring the United States at the age of 17.  Within this time, he performed with multiple known bands; ranging from Latin (a group signed under the late Selena), Jazz, R&B, Pop and Rock.

He then took his career "behind the scenes" as a sound engineer and quickly moved into music production. With found knowledge/experience in multiple genres he began his career as a music composer/producer, creating music for TV, which also led to placements of his work in film, and scoring for video games, commercials, and other visual media content; 


In 2016, he signed aboard  management firm, Mono Music Group, and managed by Gary Marella.  Currently, aside from visual media, he is also working in the music industry, behind some of the biggest names/releases.

As of August 2021, Gilde scored his first series for an HBO Max 10 episode family comedy series, The Garcias, which is a reboot/sequel to Nickelodeon's hit show, The Brothers Garcia (2000-2004).

Credits include: Marvel, HBO MAX, NHL, NFL, Hasbro, Dreamworks, Mercedes, Lionsgate, Movado, Kohler, Disney, Gamestop, ABC, NBC, FOX, Universal, Elektra, Xbox One, and more 

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